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t's that time of the year where school becomes a little more stressful, scholars are more easily frustrated and everyone feels tired! You might be asking "What can I do to help my child?" We have 6 areas of social emotional learning we focus on in schools:

  • Self-Awareness—Individual can identify their emotions, personal assets, areas for growth, and potential external resources and supports
  • Self-Management—Individual can regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors
  • Self-Efficacy—Individual can motivate themselves, persevere, and see themselves as capable.
  • Social Awareness—Individual can take the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures
  • Social Management—Individual can make safe and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions
  • Social Engagement—Individual can consider others and show a desire to contribute to the well-being of school and community

This month it would be VERY helpful if you helped your child learn to identify their emotions. This is beyond just feeling "good or bad," but specific emotions such as angry, tired, happy, excited, overwhelmed, etc. It often helps to have them draw their emotion and not only how it made them feel, but how their emotions make others feel. Stick figures are easy and quick... they can even be drawn on a napkin at a restaurant!


1/30     Assembly: HUMBLE
2/6       School Counselor Appreciation Day
2/6       Assembly: American Heart Assoc. (begin "Kids Heart Challenge")
2/6       DUE: Science & Invention Fair forms
2/14     Friendship Parties
2/17     National Random Act of Kindness
2/20     President's Day (NO SCHOOL)
2/21     Family Night: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
3/2       Read Across America Day

Cartoon girl with blond hair with purple bow and purple dress. Her smile is missing a tooth..



I can be POSITIVE by...

  • keeping an open mind
  • offering to help
  • showing compassion
  • being happy for others
  • looking at the bright side
  • using nice words
  • thinking good thoughts
  • being thankful
  • smiling more
  • believing anything is possible


Our doors are open at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8:30 a.m. Monday. If your child eats breakfast and you are dropping them off, please don't wait until the last minute. Our breakfast line is long, so please send your child as soon as the doors open. Also, we lock the doors right at the start time (8:05 a.m. Tuesday-Friday and 9:05 a.m. Monday). There will be no supervision at drop-off after that time.


If you would love to build your parenting toolbox, Love and Logic strategies are a great addition. Love and Logic focuses on allowing children to experience natural consequences, while supporting them with care and empathy. If you are curious about ways you can bring the humor and fun back into parenting, then come check out Love and Logic. Classes will begin February 13, 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Flyers will be sent home soon.



Who?         Bring your entire family!
What?        It's our annual "science fair" and we have a ton of science activities for everyone to
                   participate! Scholars who attend will receive $50 Scholar Dollars & participants with
                   entries for the science / invention fair will receive $100!!!
Where?     Grant School (so cool)
When?      Tuesday, February 21, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.


At the end of this year we will need a new PTO President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and other various positions that support our school. Our current officers are graduating to Parkway! THESE POSITIONS ARE VITAL FOR OUR SUCCESS!!! If we don't have greater family involvement, we will not be able to provide activities such as field trips, fundraisers, school store, scholar incentives, etc. for the 23-24 school year. Contact your child's teacher or the office for information and come to the next meeting on Monday, February 27 at 6:30 p.m!!!


Every year, because we are a Title 1 School, we have teachers, students and families complete something called a “compact.” This is a collaborative agreement, between all three parties, to help with YOUR child’s success. Please use the link below to access the compact online. This should be quick and easy! Do not hesitate to  contact the school with any questions. Once completed your child will receive $50 Scholar Dollars!
Click to access the Compact Form


Unless it is an emergency, it's very difficult for us to release students after 2:30 p.m. We have students moving all over the building, packing up, etc. as well as typically this is our Junior Joggers time. School releases at 3:05 p.m. daily and the pick-up line is done around 3:15 p.m. 10 minutes is way faster than in the past! Thank you for your patience.